The Pickup Artist

I don't know how familiar you are with VH1's show, "The Pickup Artist". I'd hope that any single female out there is at least familiar with the concepts that are taught in this disgrace of a tv show. Essentially, men are taught that a myriad of "techniques" make them more successful at picking up women in clubs. The aim is not to meet a woman one is interested in, it's simply to make hits, make out at clubs, get numbers, etc. Now, one could argue that, when used with good intentions, one is simply attempting to find a more effective way to meet a woman and make a real connection, but I honestly don't believe that guys who use techniques like "negging," (putting down a woman in order to make her slightly insecure and therefore more open to a hit) are genuinely good guys.

My advice to women: check out "The Game" from your local library, or buy it from a place like Half Price books (DO NOT give the publisher your money) and read up on some of these techniques in the book so that you can actively avoid them.

Given all that, I actually DID watch the tv show on VH1, which follows a similar concept to "The Game". I learned a lot of things, particularly the few techniques they showed on different episodes, which is why I was more than amused when I had a guy email me on eFallacy with a pickup line (verbatim) from the show. Our "correspondence" after the jump.

Spoiler: I am not nice.

IdiotMan: hey whats up
can i ask u for ur opinion on something

Me: Shoot.

IdiotMan: Heeeeeyyyyy......hmm do u think kissing is cheating

That was the line from the TV show. Shall I play along or call him out immediately....? I choose option A to see if I can garner a predictable response.

Me: Yes

IdiotMan: Ahhhhh........funny thing. My buddy bitched to me saying his gf was kissing another girl and now he is mad. So what u think bout that. What's ur name

At this point, I am irritated. Not only because this moron is using old material, but also because any man who brings up girl on girl before we're seriously dating is a creeper and it's time to call him out.

Me: Wow, already checking to see if I'm down for the threesome, huh? LAME.
Someone's been watching too many episodes of the Pickup Artist...

IdiotMan: 3 some not so much fun

Nice reply, moron. He tucked his tail and ran... Plus, if you could see the guy (He looks like Jon Gosselin had a baby with Pat, the androgynous SNL character), you'd know he'd be better off not trying to be some ladies man. Look inside yourself and determine what's important to you, gents. You'll be better off in the long run.

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