I wish I were making this up.

I truly, sincerely wish I had made this up. Unfortunately, I did not.

Hey there,

You seem to have a very cute profile....and a pretty girl.=)....Just have to put this out there. Please do not ever ask me to eat Sushi....but I do like fried rice and pillow fights. =) And do you mind getting pinched on the butt and me chasing you around the house? I live in the Kingwood area. I moved over here last summer, so I dont know a bunch of people in the area. But I have lived in Houston all my life...all sides ot it. I like to go out once in awhile, but I like enjoying my new home as well. I have been through all my wild stages in life. Been in bars most of my years. Really tired of it though....so I try to find new ways to go have fun as oppose to just sitting in bars getting plastered. Plus, I dont drink and drive anymore. Dont get me wrong...I LOVE beer!! So, I brought the bar to me...Got the flat screen for football...and I love loud music when dr inking and hanging out. Think that's the musician in me...I put a pool table in my garage and my house is pretty much the bar on the block. I should own stock in Dos Equis..=) I like going to my parents property to get out of the city and away from it all when i get the chance. Do some fishing or just take the dog out on the property for a long walk. His name is Sam. He is the best...and he smarter thatn most people that i know...=)...I also have the urge to see some places. Europe being one...but I haven't figured out how I will be on airplane for that long. Even 3 hour flights and I am already going nuts. I would consider myself a genuine guy. I know that I can be very kind, sincere,loving, sensitive....I mean...I am not a sissy or anything.... I am actually a very well maintained gentleman when need be. Momma taught me right!!...Ok...and sometimes I just love witty sarcasm...I guess I love the shocking look on peoples faces. Sometimes, I just like to be be an idiot... Oh and can I share something with you?...Hope so,...I Used to go to the gym regularly but stopped for about a year....so i started going back and yesterday I went to play Tennis with my friend....because i am getting back into shape...and not the round shape...=)..and oh my god...today everything hurts....especially my back and butt cheeks...=)...I sounded like an old man everytime I got up and down in and out of chair at work today. He was making fun of me all day...ok so...I think I am also a bit of neat freak. I make my bed every morning and I am not the kind of person that can go to bed with dishes in the sink. That shit drives me nuts.=) I do smoke...but not in my house....Can"t stand that either. I beleive that I am ready to connect with someone and treat like a princess. I am the kind of guy that likes to spoil "her" whoever she may be....Bring coffee to the bed while she wakes up....make her breakfast on the weekends...and morning sex rules!! I like to please but sometimes want it in ret urn....know what mean jelly bean?....ok just wanted to drop you a line....Take care.


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  1. All I can think is the 'pinch on the butt' question. That line for some reason repeats like something in an echo chamber- it's probably one of the oddest ways of starting a conversation with a potential mate I've ever heard.