Pepe Le Pew

I think the words speak for themselves.

Pro: I'd look you in the eyes just because of the simple fact that eyes can say more than words and yours are telling stories.
Contra: My English is fluent, but you'll hear a German accent and the fact that I was not born in the states might be an issue for you if you won't give me the time to get to know and understand your English (everybody has a different way to talk, some are easy to get, some harder - it depends on their way of thinking). 
Killer: you are nice. 
Better: your beauty shines in a way that makes me interested in you, your feelings, your believes, your achievements, what you love and what you hate - just simply in the person you are. 
The big question: Maybe we know each other from another life, maybe we have gone some miles with each other, maybe we didn't. It would be interesting to find out, wouldn't it? 

So I guess I leave it up to you if this goes any further. 

Liebe Gruesse (German) 

I think, from here on out, every time I need to use a male name, it's going to be Andrew.


  1. talk about being shallow - "your beauty makes me interested in you" - no s--- sherlock, it's called physical attraction. I'm pretty sure that can be surmised from the fact taht you sent a message on a dating site.

    "killer: you are nice" - wtf...you can judge that off of a profile on a website???

  2. My English is fluent... I am interested in your believes!