It'll Cost Ya

A friend sent me this little gem on the economics of dating...


Vulcans have feelings, too.

"You do have very pretty eyes. But you also have the ears of an elf or a vulcan. I guess more elfish since in your pictures you look elegant. You don’t have that half annoyed look on your face that vulcans do. You must have got that a lot when you worked at gamestop."


Short and inane

Two short and sweet ones after the jump. There was another great submission with these two, but it deserves its own magical entry.



I love a good message exchange of doom... 

I'm baaaaaack

Did you miss me, lovely readers? Since we last spoke, I've met the man I'm going to marry, so I've closed down my eFallacy.com account. Yes, we did meet on the website, in a way. We actually knew each other before, but saw that we were both "single and looking" on eFallacy, so we started dating. Four months later, we were engaged! 

That isn't stopping me from bringing you the goods, though. 


Singlehandedly the most amazing email ever.

This fabulous example of moronitude comes via a guest blogger... I can't do this justice. You just HAVE to read on.


Confidence is sexy....

...But this dude is not.

Thanks for the recap

In which our hero is regaled with tales that no one really cares about....


Booty Call

Does this actually work?

Oh, oh it's magic

Yeah, wow: