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In which our hero is regaled with tales that no one really cares about....

Hey I just thought I would catch you up on the last week of my life and would love to hear about yours when you get the chance. 
Monday and Wed night I do volunteer work with high school students as part of a mentoring program. Tues night I usually have small group for my church but my intramural team here at the university was playing in the championship game. I work for a private university here in Houston and I play on the “Faculty/Staff” team. We ended up winning the championship game after one of my team mates made a 3-pointer with less than 3 seconds left. (I would love to tell that it was me, but I would rather not start off lying haha). 
Thursday night of last week I helped host a benefit concert for those that suffered in the Haiti earthquake. We had a great turn out and raised almost $1,000. We were also selling Chik-Fil-A but had some left over so we drove around City and handed them out to homeless people. They LOVED it! 
Friday night I stayed at my older sisters house and hung out with my nephews. They are 1,4, and 5. All totally hilarious. The oldest one called me “Untle Andrew” for a long time but my sister said he was practicing all week to get it right haha. 
This weekend I studied a lot for an entrance test that I am going to take in two weeks. The program would allow me to get my teachers certificate while getting my masters in Education Administration at the same time. It will be great teaching for a few years once I get the cert. Getting great benefits while having summers off sounds wonderful to me! 
I also used this weekend as a “Let’s get things done” weekend. Sunday after church I got groceries, did laundry, dishes, made salsa to snack on this week, made rice and beans to have lunch for a few days, and then prepped the dessert that I have to bring to small group this tues night. I also got to take a great nap but the weekend took a turn for the worse last night when I was playing basketball and rolled my ankle really bad. I hadn’t hurt it this bad in a long time. 
What is really frustrating is that I have a wedding in a month and was hoping to run 30 minutes a day 4 days a week until then, but will more than likely not happen. I usually run two days a week and lift weights 2 days a week but was wanting to focus more on the cardio part of it until then. I usually stay pretty active which is another reason the injury is so frustrating. In the end though I guess it will be good for me to focus on studying until the test that I need to take. 
I would love to hear about you and what your life is like. 
What do you do for work? 
Do you enjoy it? 
Where would you like to be working? 
Where would you like to be in two years? 
Favorite thing to do on the weekends? 
Are you a dancer (country/club?) 
Anything you would like to accomplish or do this year? 
Cats or dogs? 
Ever hear of Amos Lee? Ray Lamontagne? Jack Johnson? 
Have any nieces or nephews?

That's a whole lotta info there, slugger.

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