Singlehandedly the most amazing email ever.

This fabulous example of moronitude comes via a guest blogger... I can't do this justice. You just HAVE to read on.


How was living in Tenn?

Hard working man seeks his domestic goddess

If this email offends you, I'm sorry and please move on, no hate mail required.

I have been in relationships where both partners work to fulfill a need for a career outside raising children and keeping a home. I have seen the many issues and angst over who makes dinner each night and whose turn it is to mow the lawn.

At the end of the week both people are exhausted, cranky and the family suffers.

I'm looking for an affectionate woman who wants to raise a family, be actively involved in the daily lives of their children and keep the home fires burning.

I'll provide a great income, lots of luxury and a safe and loving home. I'll be true, honest and an excellent husband.

I am not opposed to meeting a woman to sw ap rolls with, you have a great career? I'll stay at home and clean, cook and raise the kids.

I think children benefit from this type of stability.

Don't let age make you hesitate. I'm not looking for someone to stop going out with the girls, getting a little too drunk and needing a ride home. One who likes to party a bit, ink is a huge plus! Hard drugs only if it was an experiment. As long as you come home to our bed.

Imagine quitting your shitty retail/ burger flipping job and being supported and encouraged to live your life. Be a full time student, pursue interests, just be the best mom you can be!

After a few years, having a family and being a family would be great.

I'm older not old but have seen the world, offer great educational benefits and a loving home. Oh and great sex, I am told I an a great and attentive lover.

So what do you say? Check out my profile. I'm no creep. I'm a professional soldier, looking for a wife.


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  1. Oh dear. There's an offer you can't refuse...