I'm baaaaaack

Did you miss me, lovely readers? Since we last spoke, I've met the man I'm going to marry, so I've closed down my eFallacy.com account. Yes, we did meet on the website, in a way. We actually knew each other before, but saw that we were both "single and looking" on eFallacy, so we started dating. Four months later, we were engaged! 

That isn't stopping me from bringing you the goods, though. 

Some background from the recipient:

"This is a creepy white guy, and he refers to black women as "ebony." WTF....so weird!"

I liked your ad. Just a thought: what about seeing if you and I hit it off while you are looking for “Mr. Right.” I would not expect you to stop looking, but why not enjoy each other’s company in the meantime? 
The last time I was single (I am newly single after 8 years), I dated a 21 y.o. ebony coed from XXXX University in Chicago for 2 years until she graduated. When she graduated, she had to move on, and is now engaged and in New York. We are still friends and wish each other the best. I do not want to offend you, but actually, she had never been intimate with a guy before and during our email chats, she indicated that she was sort of wondering what all her friends were raving about…but understandably, she was loathe to go all the way with a guy her age, especially on campus, as they would likely talk about their conquest and maybe even 
“rate” the girl on a scale or something. I hesitantly offered to teach her…concerned that I might have blown it by such a suggestion, but she said, “Yes.” It was so much fun and gratifying for both of us. Although her family and friends and her husband-to-be never knew about me (which took some effort, but when someone had seen me around, she said I was an uncle by marriage!), she recently acknowledged that her fiancĂ© is one lucky guy! lol 
I am very robust and energetic. I hope you will take a look at my photos or better yet, me in person. I know that eFallacy.com works… 
I also met my recent ex this way, and with totally no planning of it, we ended up together for 8 years and 4 trips to Kenya. I want to go back soon to visit friends in the villages and in Nairobi and to check on a project for needy families that is doing great…and probably a safari and short trip to resorts in Mombasa. But I want good company when I do return to Kenya. I take great pleasure in the sites and activities of the Midwest, and other states, too. 
I am a Clinical Social Worker in private practice, so I do not post my photo in my profile, because clients might see it. But I will gladly send you photos by email, if you have a private one at gmail or yahoo or somewhere, including a hilarious one of me shaving on a shamba in Kenya with no running water and no electricity. Or you can email me at (EMAIL). (Put it all together. Match.com will change it, if I put it in regular format.) 
I am a fairly well-known professional in the Chicago area. I am really fun to be with and have a great sense of humor. I like to go to movies, plays, live music, travel to the Dells for the fall colors, bike, work out, basketball, movies or sports at home, hang out with my Black Lab and Dachshund and take my Lab who is a therapy dog to visit kids in hospitals. I am a so-so Wii player on my HDTV. I enjoy the built-in hot tub on my deck and having coffee on the front porch on Sunday mornings as neighbors go by. 
I have a nice 4 bedroom home in the near north suburbs, but travel is not a problem. I am 5’8”/160#/fit and toned. 
There really is a lot more to tell…via email, phone, or FB, if you are at least a little bit curious about pursuing it…Carpe Diem! 
If not, I understand. 
Good luck. I admire you for seeking what you want. 


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